Monday, March 24, 2014

4th accused priest in less than three months

For the fourth time in less than three months, a Roman Catholic cleric with ties to
the Pittsburgh Diocese makes the news ... and for all the wrong reasons.  Brother
Bernard Joseph Hartman who taught at  North Central High School  in the Pitts-
burgh Diocese from 1986 to 1997 ... and short stints 1961 and 1979 ... is facing
a trial in Australia on multiple charges of beating and molesting four children.

As always, Fr. Ron Lengwin, official spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Diocese
explains it all away by paraphrasing the words made famous by the Nazi prison
camp sergeant on Hogan’s Heros:  “I know nothing.”

Since January of this year, I forced the Pittsburgh Diocese to send three letters,
warning parishioners and school alumni of catholic clerics who were credibly ac-
cused of molesting children.  How is it that a $9 an hour security guard has the
wherewithal to protect children, but the Pittsburgh Diocese lacks the resources
and the gumption to do the same?

Again, I'd be willing to offer my knowledge based on my 25 years of research
on clergy sex abuse and other crimes in the Pittsburgh Diocese free of charge.
I’m committed to helping survivors, and one has to wonder if the Pittsburgh Di-
ocese is also committed?

Here’s some background information I would like to share with the Pittsburgh
Diocese, concerning the harm done by Fr John Wellinger.  I happen to person-
ally know that there are still victims who have not only been harmed by Welling-
er, but also by the Pittsburgh Diocese.
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This link provides facts on Father John Wellinger's past behavior:

Here’s a link to the article on Brother Hartman: