Saturday, March 15, 2014

Synchronized Crime McKeesport Style, where anything went, as long as it went into the pockets of the mob

The attempted murder of my son took place in McKeeport, PA, on the grounds of Serra Catholic High School.  The day was December 5, 1989. Almost a quarter of a century later, the truth will finally be written.

Then McKeesport Mayor Lou Washowich was rewarded with a plum position on the PA Turnpike Commission.  Ever so coincidentally, he helped the Pittsburgh Diocese keep hidden the intricate details of the attempted murder of my son.

One of his underlings, current PA Senator Jim Brewster, spearheaded passage by McKeesport Council to award a pension to Washowich prior to his leaving for the PA Turnpike Commission.  This was done, even though Washowich did not have the accumulated years to qualify for a pension. Brewster was a councilman at the time.

Then McKeesport police chief, Tom Brletic, also covered-up the details involving the attempted murder of my son.  He then enjoyed favor from those in power, ever so coincidentally. Firstly, he was given the democratic endorsement for district  magistrate, and this is the same as winning the election. Next, he was chosen to be an investigator for the Casino Board.

Today’s trivia question arises:  Which PA agency is the most corrupt? PA Turnpike Commission or the PA Casino Association? Both have strong ties to the Zappala Family, and it should be noted that the solicitor for the city of McKeesport (when my son was shot) was Dodaro, Cambest & Associates. They would come to be the law firm of choice for the Zappala family ... ever so coincidentally.

Take note in the article linked below how many former McKeesport police were indicted. Take notice that one McKeesport councilman was indicted, too. He also owns a restaurant where the influential family holds its pow-wows.

The Police Chief of Forward Township who was also a former police officer in McKeesport allegedly ran a coffee shop/sports betting/video poker machine/numbers joint while still on the McKeesport police force, or better yet, police farce.

It only gets worse.  Or perhaps I should stay it only get all the more ever-so-coincidental. Stay tuned.